Love Live! Sunshine!! (ラブライブ!サンシャイン!! Rabu raibu! Sanshain?) is a Japanese multimedia project co-developed by ASCII Media Works' Dengeki G's Magazine, the music label Lantis, and the anime studio Sunrise.

It was first announced on the Dengeki G's Magazine website on February 26, 2015, with teaser images and character introductions in following issues. The project officially began on April 30, 2015 with the release of the character names and voice actress lineup.

A private school in the seaside neighborhood of Uchiura at Numazu City, Uranohoshi Girls' High School is facing closure due to decreasing student intake. Inspired by the famous school idol group μ's before them, nine high school girls, Takami Chika, Sakurauchi Riko, Matsuura Kanan, Kurosawa Dia, Watanabe You, Tsushima Yoshiko, Kunikida Hanamaru, Ohara Mari, and Kurosawa Ruby, form their own idol group called Aqours in order to save their school from closing.

  • The first season of the anime will begin airing in Summer 2016.

Manga Edit

  • The manga adaptation is titled "Love Live! School idol project Sunshine!!", illustrated by Oda Masaru. It began serialization in the May 2016 issue of Dengeki G's Magazine.

Games Edit

A free rhythm game was developed by KLab and released by Bushiroad for iOS devices on April 15, 2013, called "Love Live! School idol festival" (ラブライブ!スクールアイドルフェスティバル Rabu raibu! Sukūru aidoru fesutibaru?). A version for Android devices was released on June 6, 2013.

  • Aqours R cards were added to the game's 'Seal Shop' on January 31, 2016, featuring the outfits from Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai? when idolized. Story chapters, songs, SR and above cards will be added in Summer 2016.
    • The first Aqours character to receive LoveCa Stones bonus for their birthday was Watanabe You, on April 17, 2016.
      • Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Nico Production Extracurricular Activities ~It's A Trio! One, Two, Sunshine!!~ (ラブライブ!サンシャイン!! Aqoursニコ生課外活動~トリオだよ!いち、に、のサンシャイン!!~ Rabu raibu! Sanshain!! Aqours niko nama kagai katsudou ~torio dayo! Ichi, ni, no Sanshain!!~?)

While the program that airs on internet radio is:

      • "Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Uranohoshi Girls' High School RADIO!!!" (ラブライブ!サンシャイン!! Aqours浦の星女学院RADIO!!! Raburaibu! Sanshain!! Akua Uranohoshi Jogakuin Rajio!!!?)